Make Money 
With Myself

After following all the steps given in the video
do not forget to add your PAYPAL email in the JVZoo account by going to
My account >>>>> Payment Profiles

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Follow each and every step to get your Affiliate link


Click here to Make your affiliate account by going to the button below:

After creating your account go to Step-2.


i)   Log in to your account.
ii)  Go to Affiliates>>>Find Products.
iii) In the search box (keyword) put
                          " makemoneywithmyself "
     and click on search.
( If your product is not yet approved you have to submit it for the approval first.It will be approved withing 24 hours)
iv) Now click on " Get Links "
v)  Now grab you affiliate link and start promoting.
vi) You can sign up to the account below as well for      facebook posting.

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